Tattoo Removal

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos originated from certain cultures even became a tribute to the young man, but sometimes people become very impulsive after tattooed and regret later on. In such circumstances, a person chooses to tattoo removal. Often skin color could not return as before, although sometimes there are patients who get the results good enough after tattoo removal process.

tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal Using Laser

The color will be split using a laser with high intensity, example: YAG and Q-switched ruby for tattoo removal are black, blue, and red. The initial process of tattoo removal is to make the skin numbed with a local anesthetic. After that, the tool laser tattoos affixed to heat and destroy the ink. After the process is complete, your skin may be blisters, swelling, or bleeding. But can be overcome with the antibacterial ointment. You need laser treatment repeatedly to get maximum results, depending on the color and the size of the tattoo.

Surgical removal of skin tissue

First, the area of skin is made numb with injections of a local anesthetic. The next, a scalpel incisions and raised areas of skin with tattoos. After that, the edges of the skin incisions are put together and sewn.

After surgery, the skin area is given an antibacterial ointment to aiding the healing process. These methods are considered effective in removing tattoos but can cause scars on the skin. usually, surgical removal of skin tissue only to eliminate permanent tattoos are small.

If you want to tattoo removal, We recommend discussing with a skin specialist. Tattoo removal cost is expensive because of the process difficult.