moon tattoo

Saturday, 8 October 2016

moon tattoo

The moon is often used as an object for a variety of poems, songs, paintings and others. Moon often paired with the sun and stars.

crescent moon tattoo

crescent moon is symbolized fertility, rebirth and feminine.
crescent moon tattoo crescent tattoo meaning crescent moon tattoo design

full moon tattoo

moon is symbolizing of Rhythm of life.
full moon tattoo meaning full moon tattoo designs

Moon and Sun tattoo

Moon and Sun symbolize the combination of masculine with feminine, and harmony.
Moon and Sun tattoo moon and sun tattoo meaning moon and sun tattoo designs

The triple moon tattoo

The triple moon symbolizes the three phases of the moon are girls, mothers and grandmothers. The first crescent moon: The girl symbolizes new life, birth, rejuvenation. Full Moon: Mother symbolizes maturity, fertility, fulfillment, stability and life force. Last crescent moon: Grandma symbolizes tranquility, wisdom, death and the end.

triple moon tattoo