Black Ink tattoo vs white ink tattoos

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Black Ink tattoo vs white ink tattoos

White Ink TattooIn the world of white ink tattoos, usually used by the little touches, to provide assistance with the ' fill ' color or grayscale images. Lately, it has become popular to tattoo patterns, words, sentences, completely in white. The result leaves in doubt, because it's like a scar from skarifikasi by creating the illusion of relief. And this same creation, delicate and sophisticated as can be seen everywhere on the Web.

The problem is that all the ink that does not have the same resistance to wear of the time passing or light and cannot cure the skin in the same way. Also realize that white tattoos more expensive, many tattoo artists are actually twice, to ensure better made with a special ink. We asked an expert to learn more about white ink tattoos and their specificity.

Tattoo of white ink, to forward all keep in mind that it is the new trend and "experimental". So it's always make bets in the future when it started. Honestly, I love the aesthetic of white tattoos, but I admit to not seeing very little success. Often they end up looking like a strange scar, "yellow bone". I lost count of the number of clients asking me to cover their tattoos with darker ink, or other reasons (white is the only color Armadillo left no laser, editor). The only way that pattern with matching white ink is really going to make edits very regularly, but it's going to be very expensive.

white ink tattoo on dark skinBut there is a tendency to believe that armadillos with white ink will be the most beautiful on the skin is dark or even black, bright skin. But actually it's the opposite. The first time, we will really have the illusion of a clearer path to the skin matte because there will be a lot of contrast and a little redness is not like a clearer tone. But after a few weeks, the ink will be yellow because of the pigment of tanned skin. There is an interaction between ink and the epidermis, which is why it is very important to select the ink color is stable.

I have seen many customers are disappointed not to have the same result, because the aging unpredictability of white ink and is rarely enough. What I propose that to the people who insist on having this clear, actually "melts" within the skin, more refined than black ink, it is to do a light gray or blue sky. It would be just as pretty and it will grow better at the moment. If they really take any price for white tattoos, I can only recommend consulting specialists in this area who would be better off playing on the specificities of this ink is somewhat fluid.